About Us


Dollex Industries Limited was incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956 vide registration no. 11- 80560 dated 24th August 1994 in the state of Maharashtra. The company registered office is Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Company has an Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Ethanol plant in Gulbarga, Karnataka which caters to alcoholic beverage industries and also supplies ethanol to various petroleum industries. After government allowed 5 % bending of ethanol in petroleum, the market has seen a huge demand for ethanol.

Company has Sugar plant situated in Nanded, Maharashtra which can crush up to 2500 tones per day. The lease of the plant was facilitated by Government of Maharashtra and it was taken on lease by Dollex for the period on 6 years in 2006. Since then the company has produced and exported sugar from this plant.
The company has recorded a constant growth and increased profit every year.

Mission Statement

Our company aims to assume leadership in extra neutral alcohol (ENA) and rectified spirit manufacturing.

To increase our presence in the growing bio-fuels market.

To increase the long-term value of the company for the benefit of our shareholders.

To become the number one choice for the customer, supplier and other provider of ethanol related products.

To become a significant contributor to the national economy by contributing to current export of Fuel-Ethanol.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a market leader in the bio-fuels, extra neutral alcohol (ENA) and rectified spirit manufacturing.

Our Board of Directors

  • Mr. Firoz Khan – Managing Director
  • Mr. Mehmood Khan – Promoter Non Executive Director
  • Mr.VijaySingh Bharkatiya – Independence Non Executive Director
  • Mr. Nawab Raza — Independence Non Executive Director
  • Mr. Radhakrishna Deshraju – Independence Non Executive Director
  • Mr. Sanjay Tiwari : Independence Non Executive Director
  • Mrs. Ruchi Sogani : Independence Non Executive Director